Negotiating with Influence

Lead with Impact:

We like to believe that we are rational beings, especially when engaging in business decisions, but we are not. What we define as “reality” is often based on subjective perceptions shaped by our brain and sensory systems.  This misconception leads people to believe that the use of persuasion using rational arguments is the key to a successful negotiation.  However, when it comes to negotiations, it is influence (not persuasion) that really matters. While persuasion relies on direct, rational, and often forceful dynamics, influence is indirect, emphatic, voluntary, and it often engages the subconscious mind. 

In this masterclass, you will learn how to effectively influence others using a combination of a new negotiation mindset (3D problem-solving) and practical neuroscience principles that will engage the unconscious mind and impact decision-making.  This 6-hour masterclass will be dynamic and interactive, combining theory and practice (role play negotiation simulations) where participants will be able to apply theory into practice and develop a new approach to negotiations.

Thursday, November 16, 2023
9 am – 3 pm
Part of the Lead Without Limits: A Professional Development Series

About the Instructor

Roberto is an expert negotiator; he advises companies, governments, and large family businesses with their complex negotiations. He is the Founder of Alkimya Catalyst, a boutique global consulting firm that specializes in designing and implementing complex negotiation and conflict resolution strategies. Additionally, the firm conducts customized training programs to enhance the negotiation skills of its clients. Prior to founding Alkimya Catalyst, Roberto worked over 20 years in the oil & gas industry, holding senior management roles in operations, finance, business development, corporate planning, corporate strategy, and procurement divisions for large oil & gas companies, including Occidental Petroleum, Hess Corporation, and BP.

He is the President of Northwestern University’s Kellogg GCC Alumni association, an Executive Education Negotiations Professor at Northwestern University (Qatar), Central European University (Hungary/Austria), ESCP Business School (UAE/France), and University of Sharjah (UAE). He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the College of Communications at University of Sharjah (UAE), a negotiation mentor for Microsoft’s Middle East Startups, an Advisor at ProColombia (Colombia’s export agency), and an international speaker. Roberto has a Bachelor and a Master of Science degrees (BS, MS) in engineering from Texas A&M University, and an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Roberto Ordonez is looking at the camera, with his arms folded. He is wearing a brown coat and eye glasses.