Course Examples

We have delivered a number of custom and open enrollment courses in the past based on community and institutional interest. Browse the courses below to gain an understanding of the types of programs and courses we can offer.

Past Certificate Courses

Past courses included negotiation & persuasion, public-private partnership, program evaluation techniques, modern protocol & business etiquette, global digital marketing, big data analytics, human rights capacity building, Arabic literature dealing with pandemics (in Arabic), and public Speaking (in Arabic).

Previously Offered 6-12 Session Classes

Technical Skills

  • Understanding Digital Marketing
  • Understanding Web Mapping and Geolocation
  • Understanding Google
  • Bring Life and Engagement to your Presentation using Technology
  • Intro. to Information Security
  • Intro. to Microsoft Excel Business Fundamentals
  • Data Visualization: Transform your Data into compelling Visualizations
  • Big Data & Data Analytics
  • Your Website Made Easy & Accelerated WordPress for Personal and Professional Website
  • Mobile Technology & Learning: Teach with your Mobile, iPAD & Android Device
  • Digital Magazine & Book Design

Writing & Literature

  • Arabic Masterpieces in English
  • Creative Resistance in the Arab World’s Margins
  • Creative Writing: Writing Across Different Genres
  • How To Become An Effective Writer
  • Intro. to Logic And Critical Thinking
  • Political Violence in Literature
  • Strategic Communications and Public Relations
  • Gender in Arab Popular Fiction
  • Turkish Literature
  • Women in Arab Fiction
  • Intro. to Investigative Journalism
  • Intro. to Writing: Short Stories
  • Intro. to Basic Research Essentials
  • Understanding Islamic Manuscripts: Texts & Science
  • Intro. to Latin American Short Story
  • Masterpieces of French Literature

Politics & Diplomacy

  • Map of the Modern World
  • Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and the American Presidency
  • Public Diplomacy in a Global World
  • Religion, Violence, Peace
  • The Year of the Women? Women US Politics
  • The Almighty And The Mighty: Engaging The Power Of Religion In Diplomacy
  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • Narrative Photography: History and Politics of Visual Storytelling
  • Politics Of The Pandemic
  • Human Rights, Culture, and Islam
  • International Relations in the Gulf Region
  • Iran Today: Society, Politics & Foreign Policy
  • Great Philosophers & Contemporary World Events
  • Islam and Contemporary Issues

Economics & Finance

  • Intro to Public Finance
  • Rethinking Money And The Global Finance System
  • Understanding Fraud And Corruption Schemes- Lessons Learned From The Trenches
  • The Growing Importance of Risk Management in Today’s World


  • Agile Leadership In The Age Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • An Introduction to Emergency and Disaster Management
  • Unlocking Your Leadership Superpowers
  • Organisation of Large International Events
  • Introduction to Project Management

Sports & Events

  • The Impact Of The FIFA World Cup 2022 On Qatari Society
  • Destination 2022: Political Economy of Football
  • Destination 2022: Politics of Football in a Globalized World
  • Sports and Exercise: Contemporary Relevance to Qatar and QNV2030

Taught in Arabic

  • How to Appreciate Arabic Poetry
  • Introduction to Emergency and Disaster Management
  • مبادئ إدارة الطوارئ والكوارث
  • مبادئ الامتياز: كيف تصل من المكان الذي أنت فيه إلى المكان الذي تطمح بالوصول إليه
  • The Arabic Short Story
  • Co-Active Coaching in Arabic
  • Formal Spoken Arabic
  • Arabic Formal Writing: How to Write Correctly

Personal Development

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence – The Survival Kit
  • Arabic Calligraphy
  • Your Ways to Success
  • Co-Active Coaching
  • Fake News: How to Detect and Resist the Propaganda Machine
  • Career & Life Design
  • How to become a Social Entrepreneur
  • Personal Development Beyond Borders: Recent Innovations in Flexible, Open, and Digital Learning Opportunities
  • Introduction to Ancient and Modern Western Thought
  • Comparative Religious Perspectives

Regional Interest

  • Trends In Nationalism & Identity In Gulf
  • The Doha Urbanism Project
  • Food Security, Sovereignty and Nutrition in Qatar
  • The Islamic Revolution of Iran in its 40’s- Impact on the Gulf Region
  • Cinema in the Arab World
  • Green Economy and Innovation: Global and Qatari Perspective
  • Women in the Gulf
  • Women in Islam: A Contemporary Vision
  • The History of the Middle East
  • The Quest for Wisdom-East & West
  • Contemporary Issues in Gulf Studies