Executive Education

Executive Education Certificate Courses

Executive Education Certificate Courses

If you are a junior to mid-level professional or executive, our Executive Education Certificate Courses can help you elevate your knowledge and take the next step in your career.

Taught by industry experts and scholars, certificate courses are carefully selected to help you build the highly sought-after leadership capacity and technical expertise the public and private sectors need to succeed during this time of uncertainty and change.

“Executive education and training addresses the development needs of professionals to differentiate themselves in the workforce. It’s not enough to meet the needs of today. To compete, you have to be positioned to forecast the next trends that will soon be shaping Qatar’s business landscape as well as the world economy.”

Rodolph Boughaba, Associate Dean for Executive Education

Upcoming Courses

Lead Without Limits: A Professional Development Series

July – October, 2022

A signature series of courses designed to help individuals evolve on a personal level, and drive change on an organizational level within their professional roles, Georgetown University in Qatar is offering ‘Lead Without Limits.’ This four-course master series is a unique leadership development program designed for career-driven professionals to further their growth. From communications and digital strategy to transformational leadership and influence, this program is a holistic program to further your skills as an effective leader.

Participants are welcome to register for individual courses, or for the complete series based on their personal interests and professional development needs.

Modern Protocol & Business Etiquette

September 26-28, 2022

In a world where personal attention has become scarce and technology a facilitator for rules and procedures, protocol management enables the staging of personal encounters, and optimizes effective networking. In essence, protocol management has always been about optimizing relationships by maximizing personal attention and systemizing logistics. It is the modern currency of relationships.

This program incorporates a variety of tools and methods to ensure successful learning outcomes including lectures, case studies, group discussions, role play exercises, and group and individual exercises as well as a final comprehensive etiquette dinner exercise to apply all skills learned.

By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Have an introduction to international protocol and etiquette approaches and standards;
  • Understand social expectations in multiple cultural contexts;
  • Utilize various professional and diplomatic social skills and networking methods;
  • Apply protocol and etiquette methods to professional situations.

Past Courses

Joint Masterclass on Negotiation and Communication

An executive education masterclass on effective negotiation and communication was offered by Northwestern University in Qatar and GU-Q. The first course, titled Effective Communication for Negotiating, will be followed by masterclasses on negotiation strategies, communication and team building, and communication with internal and external audiences.

Diplomatic Education Workshops

In collaboration with the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy (ISD) at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, GU-Q offered Diplomatic Education Workshops featuring Senior, Distinguished Resident and Non-Resident Fellows at ISD, as well as other experts, all who have policy and regional expertise relevant to officials representing Qatar, and other countries in the region.

Past Certificate Courses

Big Data Analytics, Business Etiquette, Program Evaluation, Digital Marketing, Human Rights Capacity Development, Negotiation, and Public Private Partnership are just some of our previously offered courses. Browse our past courses for more information about the course objectives and length.