Executive Education

Executive Education Certificate Courses

Executive Education Certificate Courses

If you are a junior to mid-level professional or executive, our Executive Education Certificate Courses can help you elevate your knowledge and take the next step in your career. Taught by industry experts and scholars, these courses are carefully selected to help you build the highly sought after leadership capacity and technical expertise the public and private sector need to succeed during this time of uncertainty and change.

Upcoming courses

Joint Masterclass on Negotiation and Communication With NU-Q

An executive education masterclass on effective negotiation and communication is being offered by Northwestern University in Qatar and Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q). The course, titled Effective Communication for Negotiating, is the first in the executive education program offered by Northwestern Qatar this fall, which will also include masterclasses on negotiation strategies, communication and team building, and communication with internal and external audiences.

In addition to learning how to become an effective negotiator through a problem-solving mindset, strategic communication and media professionals attending the course will explore how to maximize value in negotiations by leading through strategy and integrating creativity and effective communication techniques.

Expert negotiator Roberto Ordoñez, founder of international negotiation strategies consultancy Alkimya Catalyst, will lead the course, where he will share his 20 years of experience advising international corporations, governments, SMEs, and family businesses, and developing their negotiation strategies. In addition to his career as a negotiation advisor, he previously held senior management roles in Occidental Petroleum, Hess Corporation, and BP, where he was responsible for business development, corporate planning and strategy, and finance. Ordoñez holds Bachelor and  Master of Science degrees in engineering from Texas A&M University and a Master of Business Administration from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, where he currently serves as the university’s president of the alumni association in the GCC.

For registration and more information, visit Northwestern Qatar’s website.

Past Courses

Diplomatic Education Workshop Series

In collaboration with the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy (ISD) at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, GU-Q offered Diplomatic Education Workshops featuring Senior, Distinguished Resident and Non-Resident Fellows at ISD, as well as other experts, all who have policy and regional expertise relevant to officials representing Qatar, and other countries in the region.

Past Certificate Courses

Big Data Analytics, Business Etiquette, Program Evaluation, Digital Marketing, Human Rights Capacity Development, Negotiation, and Public Private Partnership are just some of our previously offered courses. Browse our past courses for more information about the course objectives and length.

Negotiation & Persuasion

Learn the fundamentals of negotiation, while developing interpersonal techniques and tactics for effectively influencing people, especially in difficult situations involving strong emotions and multiple stakeholders.

Public-Private Partnership

Intermediate level course teaching screening for partnership suitability, assessing feasibility, determining value for money, and reconcile project affordability and bankability through project finance.

Program Evaluation for Policy Managers

Understand program impact estimate sources and credibility, and develop an understanding of the critical distinction between causation and correlation.

Modern Protocol & Business Etiquette

Understand international protocol and etiquette standards, develop professional and diplomatic social skills and networking methods through hands-on activities, and deepen understanding of social expectations in multiple cultural contexts.

Global Digital Marketing

Learn to develop and plan digital promotional campaigns and leverage the latest digital techniques and tools to market your organization or personal projects including such as Google and Facebook and how to use them effectively.

Big Data Analytics

Understand how to drive organizational value by learning the uses and building blocks of big data, experiment with statistical and data management tools, and turn data into valuable and actionable knowledge.

Human Rights Capacity Building

Held in collaboration with The Diplomacy Training Program (DTP) and Migrant Forum Asia (MFA), this program enabled  participants to more effectively use internationally agreed standards and mechanisms in their own efforts to ensure respect for the human rights of migrant workers.

أدب الحياة؛ التملك في زمن الكورونا

Literature of Being: Possession in the Time of Corona

Executive Education course delivered in Arabic

والالقاء الخطابة والعرض

Public Speaking, Presentation, and Delivery

Executive education course delivered in Arabic