Behavioral Insights for Policy Making

Lead with Impact:

Discover how Behavioral Economics can transform public policy by uncovering the hidden forces that drive human behavior. This course bridges psychology and economics to explain why people make irrational decisions and how these insights can be harnessed to design more effective policies.

This class will equip participants with cutting-edge knowledge and skills to create impactful public policies. Participants will gain insights into the latest behavioral research and understand how to apply these findings to address real-world policy challenges. This knowledge is crucial for designing policies that effectively improve health, education, financial decisions, and environmental outcomes.

Participants will learn to develop and implement behavioral interventions such as nudges, default options, and framing effects that can significantly improve public well-being without restricting individual freedoms. This course is designed for those interested in public policy, policymakers seeking to refine their strategies, and professionals aiming to broaden their expertise.

Thursday, October 3, 2024
9 am – 3 pm
Part of the Lead Without Limits: A Professional Development Series

Program Fees
Price per single course: QAR 1,800*
Price for the entire series: QAR 6,120

Contact Zaubash Shakir at for more information.

*Discounts available on single course registration for corporate groups and QF Alumni.

About the Instructor

Ramon Cobo-Reyes Cano is Associate Professor of Economics and Chair of International Economics at Georgetown University in Qatar. He specializes in behavioral economics, with a focus on labor markets, institutions, and health.

Professor Cobo-Reyes peer-reviewed journal articles have been published in American Economic ReviewGames and Economic BehaviorExperimental Economics, European Economic Review, and Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

Professor Cobo-Reyes has been awarded research grants from the governments of Spain and the UAE and the British Academy for the Promotion of Historical, Philosophical and Philological Studies. Prior to joining GU-Q in June 2022, Professor Cobo-Reyes was an assistant professor at the University of Granada, associate professor and co-director of the Finance and Economics Experimental Laboratory (FEELE) at the University of Exeter Business School, and professor of economics at the American University of Sharjah. 

Professor Cobo-Reyes received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Granada.