Effective Corporate Communications

Lead with Connection:

Effective leaders utilize the strategic management of information, messages, and interactions within an organization with internal and external stakeholders. This course will cover key topics that will help you understand the importance of corporate communication and its impact on organizational success. The course aims to equip you with the skills to navigate complex communication challenges, enhance reputation management, and drive organizational success. Explore key messaging and message consistency, stakeholder engagement, digital and cross-cultural communication, and more.

Thursday, November 2, 2023
9 am – 3 pm
Part of the Lead Without Limits: A Professional Development Series

About the Instructor

Since over a decade ago, Emma has immersed herself in the world of corporate communications and digital marketing from both, client and agency sides. Beyond boardrooms and communication strategies, she discovered her passion to empower individuals to captivate attention and lead with impact as a public speaking and leadership trainer. Emma has guided many individuals and entrepreneurs towards realizing their full communicative potential.

As a University Instructor, she has fostered an understanding of digital marketing, integrated marketing communication, and research among her students. She recognized the importance of nonverbal communication which prompted her to attain a Level 3 certification in body language, deepening her ability to convey messages beyond words. She’s also currently completing her PhD in Communication from Barcelona, Spain.

Throughout her diverse endeavors, Emma’s unwavering passion remains the driving force behind her pursuit of excellence in teaching, training, and communication.

Emma is wearing a black suit with a white blouse and has her arms crossed