Leading Change through Innovation

Lead with Creativity:

Defining the needs and opportunities in a turbulent world is essential for good leadership – from stakeholders to customers’ needs and preferences, techniques can help to identify gaps and create spaces to inspire innovation. This program teaches to a practical method of transforming creative ideas into real innovations by applying the Innovators Process® & Innovators Tool® “Interactive Innovation App”. Learn to develop innovative products, processes and business models, with an evaluative lens. The workshop is an interactive course based on simulations, dynamic video discussions, case study group workshops, applied creative exercises & proven innovation processes, tools & techniques.

Thursday, March 16, 2023
8:30 am – 2:30 pm
Part of Leadership Metamorphosis: A Professional Development Series

About the Instructor

Maher Mezher is a famous global keynote speaker, world-renowned innovation Expert, Serial Inventor, Founder & CEO. Aside from his extensive skill set and diverse background, Maher is also the founder of the Innovators League LLC ®, a consulting and training company. The Innovators League focuses on improving workers’ creativity and teaching teams strategies toward innovative problem resolutions. To Maher Mezher, the ability to innovate is not a gift but a science to be taught. To achieve the objectives of Innovators League, Maher deploys a unique INNOVATOR® methodology, combining tools and habits aimed at shaping the mindsets of individuals in a company. 

Aside from Innovators League ®, Maher’s most famous inventions include the Innovators Tool ®, the Innovators Process ®, and Innovators Habits ©. With more than 20 years of professional experience, Mehzer enjoys wide popularity as a consultant and trainer in various industries like Telecom, Banking, Education, Oil and Gas, Retail, and Pharmaceuticals.  Well-known international outlets such as CNN, BBC, and Reuters have interviewed Mezher about his innovations.