Executive Education

At Georgetown University in Qatar, our executive education caters to the schedule and learning style of busy professionals. Our customized executive seminars and degree programs leverage our intellectual capital, global reach, and world-class professors to provide the skills, knowledge, and solutions you need in a complex and fast-moving international marketplace.

Georgetown University in Qatar offers two Executive Education Certificate Courses. These courses are carefully selected and expertly designed to provide junior to mid-level executives a solid understanding of how global market inter-dependencies and big data are shaping business and the economy, and it helps them develop the technical framework and intuition needed to enhance decision making, marketing, and strategic planning in the short to medium-run.




Public-Private Partnership Advanced Course (November 10-12, 2019)

Public-Private Partnership

This three-day course will teach you when to develop partnerships between public and private entities, how to monitor the partnership performance as well as to explore the political, managerial, legal, financial, and ethical implications of such partnerships. This program also presents an exceptional opportunity to become familiar with PPPs in Qatar.