Executive Education

At Georgetown University in Qatar, our executive education caters to the schedule and learning style of busy professionals. Our customized executive seminars and degree programs leverage our intellectual capital, global reach, and world-class professors to provide the skills, knowledge, and solutions you need in a complex and fast-moving international marketplace.

Georgetown University in Qatar offers multiple Executive Education Certificate Courses. These courses are carefully selected and expertly designed to provide junior to mid-level executives a solid understanding of how global market inter-dependencies and big data are shaping business and the economy, and it helps them develop the technical framework and intuition needed to enhance decision making, marketing, and strategic planning in the short to medium-run.


What Works?: Program Evaluation Techniques for Policy Managers

Dates: March 21- 22, 2020

Program Evaluation pic

This two day course distinguishes between correlational and causal evidence of programs' impacts; It understands how to evaluate evidence produced by a range of analytical techniques, including randomized trials, simulation modeling, instrumental variables analysis, statistical matching, difference-in-differences and regression discontinuity; and be able to explain in clear , jargon-free language how these techniques work and when they are (or are not) likely to prove useful as guides for policy formulation.

This course is made possible through a collaboration between Georgetown University in Qatar and the College of Public Policy at Hamad Bin Khalifa University as well as HBKU Executive Education Center, combining the expertise and resources of two of Qatar’s leading educational institutions.


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