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Executive Education

At Georgetown University in Qatar, our executive education caters to the lifestyle and learning style of busy professionals. Our customized executive seminars and degree programs leverage our intellectual capital, global reach, and world-class professors to provide the skills, knowledge, and solutions you need in a complex and fast-moving international marketplace.

Georgetown University in Qatar is pleased to announce the Spring 2017 offering of Certificate Courses in Business Economics. These courses are carefully selected and expertly designed to provide junior to mid-level executives a solid understanding of how global markets inter-dependencies and big data are shaping business and the economy, and it helps them develop the technical framework and intuition needed to enhance decision making, marketing, and strategic planning in the short to medium-run.


Digital Marketing Strategy in the Global Economy

Digital Marketing StrategyA fascinating, hands-on course on the latest developments in digital marketing. You will be briefed on the current state of digital marketing and will preview state-of-the-art tools currently available in the most popular platforms. You will analyze different strategy options and evaluate which bests fits your organizational needs and objectives through an interactive and in-depth class project.



International Finance

APR 26 & 27

International Finance

Central Banks, exchange rates, inflation, monetary unions, currency pegs, sadden stops, global imbalances, and currency crises. These are just a few of the key concepts you study in the course as you gain a solid foundation of the principles of international finance and you learn to anticipate, understand, explain and respond to movements in global markets.




Applied Econometrics: Panel Data

Applied Econonomics

A technical course that guides participants through the latest tools and methodologies in analyzing panel data. You gain proficiency with STATA and learn to carry out your own advanced empirical analysis. The course covers the linear multiple regression model, which is the workhorse of empirical analysis in business, economics, and policy-making.



Big Data Analytics

Big Data

Big data is changing the way we communicate, do business, and make decisions. The course will make you acquainted with the building blocks of big data, will help you experiment with statistical and data management tools like R, Mongo DB and Hadoop, and will teach you how to perform predictive modeling and analytics exercises that turn data into valuable and actionable knowledge.



Family Business: Preserving the Legacy


FamilyBusinessFamily businesses comprise the backbone of the private sector activity in the Middle East and Asia. But as these businesses mature, their chance for surviving diminishes. Only 30% make it to the 2nd generation, and a mere 13% to the 3rd. This course teaches families how to anticipate and understand these challenges and helps to overcome them by designing a formal succession plan that balances both family and business interests.



الموازنات العامة التقليدية وتحديات التحولات الدولية

 Public Finance and Budgeting Course in Arabic

من خلال هذا البرنامج سيتمكن المشاركون من التعرف على قواعد التخطيط السليم ومؤشرات التنفيذ الأمين عبر فهم واستيعاب مصادر الايرادات ومصارف النفقات العامة للدولة كما سيتعرفون على الأثر المرتقب لفرض ضريبة القيمة المضافة على الموازنة العامة للدولة بل وادراك ايجابية موازنة البرامج والأداء في ظل تراجع أسعار النفط. إضافة إلى ذلك سيتعرف المشاركون على كيفية بناء الموازنات الحكومية بغية تحقيق الاهداف بأقل التكاليف الممكنة وآليات سد العجوزات واستثمار الفوائض

For inquiries, please contact Director of International Economics, Dr. Alexis Antoniades, at +974 4457-8288 or click here for email.