Georgetown University in Qatar designs, delivers and facilitates custom learning solutions for teams and organizations, enabling them to meet their existing and emerging needs.

Drawing on our Doha-based expertise and leveraging the resources of Georgetown University’s nine schools in Washington, D.C., including world-renowned faculty and research centers, Georgetown University in Qatar can facilitate customized training on a variety of subjects.

These training and education programs offer an effective means to develop new capabilities, improve performance, and gain efficiencies. Practical training is offered in a flexible format that is designed to work seamlessly with each organization or team’s unique culture, needs, and objectives.

Thanks to the diverse expertise and skill set of Georgetown’s schools, custom training can be organized on areas such as leadership, global communications, diplomacy, human resources, finance, as well as regional-related subjects, among others.

Previous topics of customized training facilitated or designed by GU-Q have included:

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