Past Classes

Past Classes

To date, more than 300 students have completed courses through the Community Education Program, which has been taught by industry experts and faculty from GU-Q, Hamad bin Khalifa University, Qatar University, and Louisiana State University.

Previously offered classes include:

Spring 2016:

Religion, Peace and ViolenceDigital Magazine & Book Design Texts & SciencesUnderstanding Digital MarketingPerspectives on Islam & Human RightsWomen in IslamIntro to Public FinanceCareer & Life Design Your Website made EasyUnderstanding Digital MarketingThe Quest for Wisdom- East & West


Fall 2015:

Introduction to Logic ThinkingReligion, Violence and PeaceIntroduction to Latin American Short StoryPerspectives on Islam and Human RightsUnderstanding Web Mapping and GeolocationGreat Philosophers and Contemporary World EventsIntroduction to Ancient and Modern Western ThoughtAnthropological Film


Spring 2015:

Arab Politics: Continuity and Change (taught in Arabic)

Comparative Religious Perspectives

Contemporary Issues in Gulf Studies

Great Philosophers and Contemporary World Events

​How to Appreciate Arabic Poetry (taught in Arabic)

Islam and Contemporary Issues

Personal Development Beyond Borders: Recent Innovations in Flexible, Open, and Digital Learning Opportunities

Sports and Exercise: Contemporary Relevance to Qatar and QNV2030

The History of the Middle East