Past Courses

Negotiation & Persuasion

Learn the fundamentals of negotiation, while developing interpersonal techniques and tactics for effectively influencing people, especially in difficult situations involving strong emotions.

Public-Private Partnership

Learn to screen for public-private partnership suitability, assess PPP  feasibility, determine value for money, and reconcile project  affordability and  bankability through project finance.

Program Evaluation Techniques

For policy managers, this course covers making sense of program impact estimates by examining sources and credibility, and the distinction between causation and correlation.

Modern Protocol & Business Etiquette

Learn international protocol and etiquette standards, and through hands-on activities, develop professional and diplomatic social skills and networking methods, and deepen understanding of social expectations in multiple cultural contexts.

Global Digital Marketing

Through studying real case studies, learn to leverage the latest digital techniques to market your organization or project. Explore each of the top digital platforms such as Facebook and Google, learn the strengths and weaknesses of their advertising tools, and learn how to develop and plan digital campaigns.

Big Data Analytics

In this two-day hands-on course, participants familiarize themselves with the building blocks of big data, experiment with statistical and data management tools like R, Mongo DB, and Hadoop, and perform predictive modeling and analytics exercises that turn data into valuable and actionable knowledge.

Human Rights Capacity Building

Offered in collaboration with The Diplomacy Training Program (DTP) and Migrant Forum Asia (MFA), the aim of this program was to build knowledge and understanding of international human rights and labor standards and their relevance to the treatment of migrant workers in Qatar.

أدب الحياة؛ التملك في زمن الكورونا

والالقاء الخطابة والعرض

  • المحاور التعليمية
  • مقدمة عن فن ومهارات الخطابة والإلقاء.
  • صيغ الخطابة.
  • المؤهلات الذاتية للخطيب الناجح.
  • مواصفات الخطبة المثالية، وعناصرها.
  • شروط الخطبة الناجحة، ومواصفات الخطيب المتميز.
  • كيفية إعداد الخطبة، وكيفية إلقائها.
  • قواعد الإلقاء الناجح.